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Be a Part of The Solution

We aim to connect real solutions to regions around the world, and YOU are a part of that mission. If you have a location that requires a DrinkPure or EnviroPure system, reach out to us! We will open a campaign for your site, putting it on the map, allowing for your friends and contacts to donate directly to the needs of others. Your generous donation covers the cost of the system requested and costs associated with delivery to the areas in need. Most importantly, your gift is a symbol of hope for people in need. 


Pucallpa, Peru

Unsafe City Water

Solving a contaminated well supplying water for a campus of roughly thirty students working at AMOR Projects to provide free healthcare for the low-income Peruvian populations.

Gwanda, Zimbabwe

Replacing Treatment Facility

After the city's water treatment corporation abandoned the community, Gwanda is in need of immediate purification methods for the surrounding boreholes, surface, and well water that deliver water for the locals. 


Lusaka, Zambia

Contaminated Borehole

Purifying the water coming from a polluted borehole providing water to a dental clinic, needing both drinking water and disinfecting water in order to help the local population.

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