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Meet DrinkPure, a revolutionary method to purify water.

Simple, maintenance free operation for years. 


Bettering the lives of others is not the goal, it is merely the first step.

Clean Water Project is about more than drinking water. We aim to provide end-to-end water treatment technology addressing all facets from drinking water to a society's hygiene, creating a sustainable culture of clean water around the world. 


Our work

What we do

Our mission is to provide the world with sustainable technology to purify drinking water in every region of the world. With our scalable DrinkPure systems, anybody can have the versatility to treat water from 400-5,000 people every day with only one system! During humanitarian missions, we install DrinkPure systems in the region in need and instruct locals on the operations of our technology and the importance of clean water. 


Not just a mission, but a movement.

After years of development, our patent-pending system enables the user to purify water with intuitive instructions and simple operation. With each device made with FDA compliant materials from top to bottom, we assure that each one of our DrinkPure systems is tailored for the needs and safety for whatever the project may need. The DrinkPure is not only "more" efficient, but one hundred times more so than boiling water to kill bacteria. No more deforestation to gather fuel sources, and no more water-born illnesses such as E. coli, diarrhea, or giardia. 

Why DrinkPure?

One kilogram of water requires almost ten times the amount of energy necessary to heat one kilogram of steel. This significant energy requirement is why most water treatment solutions rely on chlorine, UV, or reverse osmosis. Each of these require modern infrastructure in order to support, making them unsuitable for most of the world. This is the issue that we aim to solve using our patent-pending technology. We developed our solution in our own time, using our own money because we felt that we could help solve an ongoing problem.

Patent-pending technology saving lives. 

Our product is centered around our users. DrinkPure brings limitless purification ability to populations around the world through an intuitive design, self-cleaning capabilities, and no maintenance requirements. Clean Water Project's solution fulfills its promises to showcase and provide sustainable treatment of water sources efficiently and effectively, with little-to-no cost for the user, whether you are a residential, commercial, or agricultural site or providing disaster relief.

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Our glass of water is always half full. 

Clean Water Project provides tailored solutions to people in need of water purification. Our technology purifies water for any need, from drinking water to hygienic needs. Around the world, the Clean Water Project team creates a culture of clean water and demonstrates how our solutions help a community meet that goal.

Expanding the Culture of Water Treatment

Contaminated crops continue to be a huge issue with in both the developed and developing world. Organic fertilizer is regulated by state laws and/or best practices requiring it to be treated for six months before it can be applied for the beneficial purpose it serves in the farming industry; this process is imperfect and contaminants commonly survive. Food contamination at farms leads to millions of recalls each year in developed countries and countless deaths in the developing world. To change this, join Clean Water Project’s efforts to deliver its agricultural system, the EnviroPure, to combat diseases being introduced to our food supply.

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