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The DrinkPure is a first-of-its-kind water purification system. With minimal energy input, the DrinkPure meets the needs of an entire community; it is easily scaled to meet the needs of three-hundred to three-thousand people per day without issue.

DrinkPure Rendering.png

Easy to transport

Easy to transport with a total weight of 10 lbs in a 22"x11"x11" system. 


Designed to be self-cleaning to reduce harm of bacteria building within the system. 

375 gallons every 24 hours

Yes, enough clean water for over 450 people over a 24-hour period. 

No filters

No need for additional water filters without risk of hurting the DrinkPure. 

Versatile power

Scalable power ranges that can work with any 110V/220V or solar input. 

10 year lifespan

Designed to self-service with minimal maintainance for up to ten years. 

Core Values

We promise to deliver products that not only meet the needs of the user, but ensure functionality regardless of the locality.

Black Puzzle Pieces

Intuitive Design

The number one goal of our technology is for anybody, from any background, to be able to have a one-button operation system to reduce the risk of malfunction.  

Image by Sam Clarke

Minimal Maintainance

DrinkPure is built to be maintenance free for up to five years thanks to a self-cleaning design, and redundancy.

Image by Josh Appel


To promote a message that clean and easily accessible water should be available to everyone, we design every product with the intent that each system can be affordable for its scale. 


The DrinkPure delivers rapid purification of hazardous drinking water from any source in the world. By using regenerative pasteurization, the DrinkPure can use its recycled energy to continue to purify incoming water.

"What always baffles me is that most people do not understand the scope of the problem until it affects them. In this case, we have made a product that can purify anything from water in the break room of the largest multinational company in the world to the runoff stream in the most remote community in the world."

John Byrne, Founder & CEO

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