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May 2023

Pucallpa, Peru

To combat well water contamination and unsafe city water, our team installed two DrinkPure systems at clinics in the jungle region of Pucallpa, Peru. Using checked bags to transport the systems over 3,700 miles (6,000 km), our team installed both in only one day that can purify safe drinking water for up to 800 people every day!

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AMOR Projects

At the Ambassadors Medical Outreach & Relief (AMOR) for Christ Clinic, the President and Chief Nurse, Sr. Henry, delivers care at no-cost to the locals of Pucallpa by providing personalized health plans, nutritional coaching, vitamins, medicine, physical therapy, and their newest addition of ultrasound technology to examine patients muscle and vascular health. Every Monday and Thursday morning, there is a line of 50+ people at 8:00 AM patiently waiting to be served; as they enter, they are given a warm welcome and a sermon that leads with prayer before the day starts. Thanks to the newest addition of a DrinkPure systems, the missionaries that come to the clinic and the patrons of AMOR are able to fill their water bottles with and drink clean water throughout the entire day!


Additionally, Henry serves as a mobile clinic. On their way to church, Henry invited John and Matt to observe what he does on a routine basis as he visits his patients around the city who cannot make it to the hospitals. Henry distributed an IV to an anemic patient examined diabetic patients. After church, he returned with medicine for his patients to treat their conditions. Without Henry’s commitment to the community, the people of Pucallpa would have no access to affordable treatment and healthcare. 

While there, Matt was honored to participate in many of the routine clinical operations to assist with the large demand in the clinic. From collecting and distributing medicines, preparing vitamin bags, taking vital signs, and performing ultrasounds, our team was at ground zero in the clinic while implementing a DrinkPure at their location.


Why wells are not enough

Out of Peru's population of 32 million people, over 16 million (48% of the population) lack access to clean and reliable sources of water. In Pucallpa, the main source of water comes from local wells that have become contaminated. The average cost of installing a well can be over $1,500 (USD) in Peru (Manta, 2023), yet can be contaminated in under three years. 

Contamination in well-water is an issue that is stretched across the globe. In the U.S., one in five (20%) of wells are found to be contaminated, in Peru, those numbers are more than double! To protect the investment of installing a well, the installation of a DrinkPure system purifies contaminated well-water in order to make it safe for the local population.

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gyc logo.jpeg

Outside of town a few kilometers, the Generation of Youth for Christ (GYC) Clinic welcomed one system that was brought into garden area next to the dining house. GYC had just recently expanded to build and fund a kitchen and dining area for the local elderly population without families to take care of them. The director of the clinic, Sr. Albert, said “as seniors only eat once a day, we want to give them the opportunity to socialize, be entertained, and pray together to unite the community.” A day after the installation, GYC Clinic hosted their first “Inauguration of Clean Water” as a celebration of their water filtration technology that hosted 30+ kids with games, food, and community. 

GYC Perú focussing on promoting service is the local underserved community. By hosting vocational development and educational workshops, GYC Perú generously provides all the resources for the local population be comforted. 



Our team started their trip at the 2023 SITDEF Humanitarian showcase in Lima. With over a hundred vendors, we spoke with thousands of representatives from governments, rescue organizations, and commercial groups to develop a network to distribute more DrinkPure systems around the world! 

Our team shared information about the technical aspects of the DrinkPure and the aide that it can provide to create short-term infrastructure for communities. After disaster strikes and immediate emergency water relief is erected, the DrinkPure system thrives in providing light framework from small businesses to neighborhood scale relief. 


Matt cleaning out a water container to make sure clean water does not become contaminated

GYC Perú starts to use the DrinkPure for the first time


Matt working with patients with the AMOR mobile clinic

John working with OilKontrol at SITDEF 2023

John working with OilKontrol at SITDEF 2023


John teaching the AMOR Clinic technician how to operate the DrinkPure


Matt teaching the AMOR Clinic the operations of the system


Matt with the system after installation at AMOR Clinic


John with the system pre-delivery


Matt with the DrinkPure after a successful installation

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